Mezzosoprano Idil Alpsoy is a professional opera singer and vocal teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a student of renowned voice teacher Patricia McCaffrey (US), whose vocal ideals and technique Mrs. Alpsoy passes on to her students, while adding her own insights as a younger singer.

Mrs. Alpsoy holds a master's degree from Manhattan School of Music and a bachelor's degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

In addition, she also studied with Berlin based voice teacher Abbie Furmansky and John Norris.


Mrs. Alpsoy bases her teaching on a deep understanding of the bodily experience that happens when singing. Her focus is to connect and anchor the voice to the body striving to let her students feel and utilize the full potential of their voices. During the years Mrs. Alpsoy has guided many singers to discover their own unique voice and is known to have helped singers overcome even the most challenging vocal problems.


Idil Alpsoy regularly collaborates with Naja Månsson (DK), who works with voice release massage, and body coach Guido Witte (DE).


Voice lessons are usually one hour long and cost 450 DKK (65 €). In addition, Mrs. Alpsoy offers Skype lessons at 200 DKK (30 €) for 30 minutes.


To schedule a lesson please e-mail Mrs. Alpsoy at